Håvard Bakke, Myriad Healing 1:1 Online Session

"The one-on-one session I had with Alexa was one of the deepest and most powerful healings I've ever had, and God knows I've tried many healers and modalities. I felt depressed and exhausted before the session, and was afraid I would feel even worse afterwards.

My encounter with the energies of the Myriads was wonderful, incredibly soft and soothing while layer upon layer of deep seated suffering were released from my body and mind. Sometimes deep clearings can be emotionally painful, but not this one. I just had to let go.. into pure bliss!

After the session I felt energized and elated, and best of all: this shift has been a lasting one. To this day I feel more joyful than before, and I so much detached to the ups and downs in my life.

I truly recommend working with Alexa and the Myriads, whose energies stand out from what most healers can offer."

James Wang

"I had a reading with Green Tara by Alexa Marie. Marie is awesome. I have always believed in Green Tara and chanted her mantra for the past 2 to 3 years. Green Tara has helped me a great deal. One day, I searched online for someone who can channel Green Tara, I was so blessed to find Marie. With her help, I get the most deepest insights for myself and my soul.

It's very uplifting and I was taught how to lift the veil of suffering, replace negative thoughts with joy, forgive, and send love to my childhood, etc. I also plan to join her latest Myriad Healing 1:1 Session. I want to try to open up my heart even more to people around me, be kind, forgiving and receptive.

Marie is a very loving person, just like Green Tara. My wife and I enjoy her voice, messages, love and lots more."

Myriad Healing 1:1 Session

This experience was glorious. Being able to visit the Myriads with Alexa's guidance was such an honor and beautiful experience. Very vivid, healing and nurturing all around. The messages received where spot on and has helped me focus on what's important. I have felt both expansion and clarity after the session and of course that love is endless. Alexa is indeed a channel and a star being in it's highest regard.

-Mia Luz, Drum-Doula and Contemporary Medicine Woman

 Regression therapist, earth sister, channeling Saint Birgitta & light language  |  Instagram: @jordsyster_healer

Regression therapist, earth sister, channeling Saint Birgitta & light language  |  Instagram: @jordsyster_healer

Emelie Taavo, New Tara Transmission (now=Channeled Guidance)

"The New Tara Transmission I received Totally. Blew. My. Mind! Wow! So energetic and SO powerful!

The message I received from Green Tara was spot on and EXACTLY what I needed to hear in that moment – in order to gain my next step in my ascension.

The challenge I accepted when coming to earth - is on the tipping point of success - with all the pain and suffering that brings. And the tool I received from Tara is helping me now in a way I never could have imagined – to come further and develop. I am so grateful for this session and I absolutely recommend you as a spiritual truth seeker to do this Transmission."

 "Love is my religion"  |  Instagram: @sonjakidron

"Love is my religion"  |  Instagram: @sonjakidron

Sonja Kidron, New Tara Transmission (now=Channeled Guidance)

"Marie delivers the channeling and transmission from Green Tara with a soft, honey-like voice, filled with authenticity and presence. Her voice made me relax, open up and trust the process. The message delivered to me from Green Tara spoke to me and felt very appropriate and timely where I am at in life at the moment.

I felt seen, held and encouraged to continue my journey and trust my own inner wisdom. ❤

Marie takes her mission in channeling Green Tara seriously, and do it with integrity, devotion and love. The same as she does with her life in general.

Thank you Marie, for shining your light and being the vessel of love and wisdom that you are."

 Lightworker  |  Instagram: @lieke.lesedi

Lightworker  |  Instagram: @lieke.lesedi

Lieke Lesedi, The Samsara Secret Masterclass

"The Samsara Secret Masterclass was enlightening and clarifying in my chaos of thoughts. You have such a calming presence, I really enjoyed it. It gave me the tools to create order in the chaos.

Oh Marie, you are so peaceful, really an Inner Peace Goddess. You radiate this calm energy, but also so very human and relatable. As a teacher, a woman and as a mother :-). I loved that you asked my questions to the Goddess Tara, I was in awe.

This Masterclass has been the fertilizer for the seeds I had already planted. The time was right, which is why this has been a catalyst for me. I thank you and the Universe."

 Channel for mother earth, nature spirits, angels, masters & more...  |  Instagram: @bridgebyemma | bridgebyemma.se

Channel for mother earth, nature spirits, angels, masters & more...  |  Instagram: @bridgebyemma | bridgebyemma.se

Emma Malmsten, New Tara Transmission

"The content of the channeled guidance was very similar to the inner guidance I receive myself, and it was great for confirmation! It also reminded me of important aspects I need to put more focus on in my life again. I could clearly feel the presence of Green Tara through the energy and through Marie’s beautiful voice.

The activation felt wonderful - I could feel a tingling sensation in my body and I became very warm. I felt both calm and energized afterwards.

Looking back, I can see that the biggest shift in me after the activation is that I have a stronger urge to express myself more freely, and not holding back! Thank you Marie and Green Tara for a very beautiful and helpful activation."