BE all of that which you already are.

I share wisdom and embodied teachings assisting you on the path of enlightenment.

To transcend the tension and suffering of conditioned living and allow yourself to rise in enlightened bliss.

You are your own permission-giver.

Take leadership of your own life and path of enlightenment.

The enlightened state of BLISS opens wide your possibilities to manifest, create your dream life and share your purpose work more profoundly.

The struggles of life hold enormous potential for karmic healing.

Are you ready to explore the potential?

My unique approach is how to practically hack the illusion of life as we know it, heal karma and experience enlightenment through radical self-love, forgiveness and active participation in the potential of everyday life.

I offer guidance on how you can step into your Self-Mastery using life and all it’s glorious emotions and relationships.

With compassion I show ways how. Gently holding a safe and deeply healing space for you.

Grace is who you are. Let yourself flow.


With infinite love,

Marie Nol


Explore my free offering The Reality Hack!

This is a free video series with five short films sharing insights to empower you to embrace your soul power so that you can create amazingness with ease.

They are also great building blocks for consciously advance on the path of enlightenment.

Online classes

I make enlightenment topics and spiritual teachings real in real life. I help the intellect tag along, feel confident enough in the logics to be able to let go.

I share how to use those everyday triggers (I have a 3 and a 5 year old!) and how to fine-tune your self-inquiry.

I offer ways and I share suggestions but don't tell you what to do, as I truly believe and empower you to also feel, that YOU are your own master.

You are perfectly capable of healing yourself.

You are powerful beyond comprehension to take charge of your life, love yourself enough to do it, and create a wonderful experience.

Let your intuition lead the way and pick the ones that suit you!



A catalyst

You can go through life just the way you are, healing, learning from life and the relationships you experience, maybe the courses that you take, or just from being. That is enough. You will get "there".

However, there is a catalyst available that will ignite your kundalini shakti and get it flowing. The kundalini is sleeping within us all, waiting for the right time to emerge in the body and activate the dormant potential of both biology and consciousness.

The kundalini energy then get to work from the inside and help you advance by leaps. 

I am also present on a site called which is a kind of membership site, so if you find value in what I do and wish to get more, join me there for 1-5 USD/month to get access to awesome live online classes for enlightened everyday living and more. Amazing value coming your way!

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